Acupuncture Allergy Relief

The ultimate goal of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal supplements) is to completely treat the root cause of your allergies, so that your symptoms do not come back.

As opposed to western treatments, which are intended to simply block your symptoms, Chinese Medicine offers both acute treatments for symptom relief now, and regular treatments over a longer period with the goal of regulating the imbalance behind the allergies. Western medications do not treat the underlying causes of allergies. By balancing our immune systems we can offset these issues in the future.

Rebalancing the Immune System

Allergies arise from a hypersensitive immune system. There are many theories as to how it got that way 1) over exposure to certain substances, 2) from having low immunity in general, or 3) from being around too many allergens at any given time. Your body has “learned” to be allergic to certain substances. Treatment involves rebalancing the immune system to stop the allergic response to various stimuli.

The best time to come for treatment is 2-3 months before allergy season starts. Most people come at the peak of the season and thus I have to focus more on symptomatic relief before I can focus solely on the underlying causes. I can lessen the symptoms you have for the current season and greatly reduce if not entirely eliminate the responses you usually would have in following seasons. For year round sufferers, anytime is a good time to start treatment.

Chinese Medicine Allergies

From a Chinese Medicine perspective what people are allergic to is less of an issue – so allergy tests, for example, are not necessary for treatment. What is important to know is when the allergies started. Did the allergies start when you were a child? Did they begin after a few stressful years in college? Or after some other combination of life changes? Natural allergies acupuncture looks beneath the surface to solve your mystery.

Other pertinent information to know is how strong your immune system is – Do you get frequent colds and flu? Do you have related conditions such as asthma, wheezing, etc.? Asthma acupuncture is very effective. Of great importance, is seemingly unrelated information (which is very related) such as stress levels, quality of sleep, and dietary issues that might contribute to allergic reaction. Food allergies acupuncture is very popular because it makes you stronger than the allergy.

Chinese Medicine treats the entire person and not just a condition, all of this information is crucial for finding an appropriate diagnosis. For symptoms of allergies these can be patterns involving Lung energy, Kidney energy, common cold and flu, etc. I fine tune a treatment for each person individually and uniquely, which is why acupuncture, properly applied, can be so effective for allergies. Acupuncture clears seasonal allergies quickly and efficiently.

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