Acupuncture for Depression

Depression is a result of stuck energy in the body. Acupuncture is just the boost you need to break out of the place where you are stuck. Acupuncture and herbs move the trapped energy and lift the depression. This change in momentum is your key to feeling better.

You will benefit from the acupuncture depression protocol I have assembled; it is extremely successful in generating the energy needed to lift your spirit and help gain momentum to propel you forward in life. When acupuncture needles are inserted into points specific to your imbalance, your body’s energy starts its own healing process and restores its own natural balance.

Acupuncture Proven To Decrease Depression Symptoms

The National Institute of Health (NIH) studies in 1998 have showed a 43% reduction in the symptoms of depression when they received the depressed participants received acupuncture. After acupuncture, more than half no longer met the criteria for clinical depression. The NIH concluded that acupuncture may alter brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones in a good way.

Top 5 Reasons Acupuncture Should Be Your First Choice.

1) Acupuncture yields fast results: 3-6 visits (or 1-2 weeks of time) instead of 1-3 months with antidepressant drugs.
2) Acupuncture has no side-effects, no drug dependence, no addiction.
3) Acupuncture yields lasting relief. Once you get well, you stay well.
4) Acupuncture is cost-saving in the long run.
5) Acupuncture creates all-round better mood and a sense of emotional and physical well-being (better digestion, better sleep, more energy, better immunity).

Successful Depression Treatment

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has approved acupuncture as a treatment for depression.

Studies around the world have suggested that treating depression with acupuncture has a positive and overall well being effect on depressed patients, particularly when used in combination with herbal treatments. Studies suggest that using acupuncture alone could be as effective as other types of treatments for relieving depression symptoms typically used in Western medicine, such as psychotherapy and drugs.

Depression: Acupuncture vs. Drugs

While there are effective medications for the treatment of depression, the possible side effects make considering acupuncture even more appealing.

Medical doctors think western antidepressant drugs can be beneficial by focusing on maintaining the serotonin levels in the brain. But, in addition to the side effects, the patients need to take them all the time.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be a very effective alternative to treat depression, resulting in long-term emotional and physical health benefits.

Western medicine treats depression as a symptom of abnormal brain chemistry.  Pharmaceutical drugs are often prescribed to alter this chemistry and mimic a sense of normalcy.

The difference with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, is that the root cause of your disease – the internal imbalance caused by the exposure to external stress, is addressed. Such stress, if not treated, can cause energy “blockage” or changes of the neurotransmitters such as a decrease of brain concentration of the serotonin levels-resulting in symptoms such as anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, and eventually, depression. It must be treated rather than masked with drugs. It would be like putting a huge piece of tape to mask your bright “check engine light” in your car, or taking the battery out of your smoke alarm because the smoke keeps making it ring.

Depression Symptoms Disappear

I have refined a unique selection of acupuncture points and Chinese herbal formulations to treat the root cause of your symptoms. You can experience incredible relief in 3-6 visits. When my patients receive relief from their depression symptoms after acupuncture, they also experience a reduction of anxiety, insomnia, an increase in energy, and over-all well-being. Best of all, there are no side effects from acupuncture treatments. On top of these benefits, once patients get well, they will remain well even when they stop taking the herbs and acupuncture treatments.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views your depression, not as a brain problem, but more a chest problem. Emotions associated with loss, repressed expression, and other stressful events cause us to tighten our chest, restraining flows of energy and fluids to our Liver, Heart and other organs. TCM calls this condition Liver Qi Stagnation. In the West we call it depression.

Relieving Liver Qi Stagnation requires moving the Qi (energy) in your chest.  Relief can be obtained by physically freeing your chest energy. That’s why laughing and crying help. Many people find that push-ups work as well as Prozac.

Herbs for Depression

Chinese herbs used to relieve depression generally move the energy blockage in your chest. Herbal medicines are considered extremely safe and reliably relieve depression for most people who use them. Effects are generally felt within a few weeks, but can be experienced almost immediately by some. The herbs are very inexpensive.

When under stress, energy tightens in your chest. This protective reaction is triggered by events in our life or events in our memory.

Chinese herbs do not make you sleepy and are taken several times a day as well as at night if you are awake. Chinese herbal formulas have been around for centuries for these very symptoms

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