Santa Barbara Mobile Acupuncture

Now more than ever, my clients are looking for ways to save time and energy with mobile acupuncture. I make house calls, so there isn’t a need to travel to and from my office, unless that option is more comfortable for you. I have a portable acupuncture table and travel to client’s homes daily in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Many patients come to my office, but a select few, see the value in mobile acupuncture. They would rather I did the driving, navigating, parking etc. while they relax after a treatment, in the comfort of your own home or office. Clients have reported to me that the benefits of house-call acupuncture seem to vastly outweigh the additional cost of my travel. Home-service acupuncture makes it easier to reach your wellness goals and maintain privacy.


Mobile Acupuncture at Your Office

This service is for the time-challenged professional, and people on the move, looking to optimize their life. I serve the busy executive by bringing health and wellness services to his/her location of convenience. I understand that professionals with action-packed lifestyles have no time to be sick or injured, let alone to take care of preventative maintenance. Rarely do they have the time to spend at a physician’s office; which may take several hours out of their day. As long as you are comfortable in your office chair or on your couch, I can treat you. No need to lay on a table, unless you would prefer to. I have a portable massage table for those seeking to lay down for a quick and effective treatment. The name of the game is your comfort. No need to disrobe, you can sit and roll your sleeves and pant legs up. Most of the points that are used in acupuncture treatment are found on the hands, arms from the elbows to wrist, and legs from the knees to feet. It’s a rejuvenating power nap with incredible health benefits.

Concierge Acupuncture

I am available 7 days a week to book same-day in-home acupuncture; schedule permitting. If you prefer you can been seen in my Santa Barbara office location at:
1129 State St (at Anapamu)
Santa Barbara

Area of Specialty – Services include acupuncture, facial lift acupuncture, microcurrent facial lift, cupping massage, and cranial sacral massage.

I am known for my professionalism and discretion, and I am comfortable and experienced working with world-class achievers in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Manhattan.
Your privacy is my legal obligation – California Acupuncture Board – HIPPA

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