Facial Massage Santa Barbara Services

Facial massage tightens the face and neck, tones and improves the complexion, lessens wrinkles and expression lines, and plumps the muscles and skin for a youthful glow. Face lift massage focuses on facial muscles. It tones weak sagging muscles to provide tighter facial contours, it re-educates muscles for proper positioning, and releases muscular adhesions that form as we age.


Facial Massage Benefits

Our therapy helps increases circulation of blood and oxygen, moving toxins and stagnant blood out, and ushering nutrient-enriched blood and fluids in. The goal is to detoxify your face; thereby repairing and nourishing your complexion. Benefits include: reducing puffiness, lifting muscles, reducing dark circles, minimizing under-eye bags, firming jowls, minimizing wrinkles, plumping lips, and diminishing facial scars.

Your eyes become wider and brighter, brow muscles lift, puffy under eye area diminishes, and you will create symmetry in the entire facial area.

The invigorating strokes activate elastin and collagen; which women pay dearly for in creams and masks. Potions truly do not have the immediate effect of the manual stimulation; nor the organic long term effects of preserving your youthfulness.

Lymphatic Drainage

Facial massage increases lymphatic circulation, thereby giving your face a lymphatic drainage, which is like taking the trash out! This detoxification of the lymph fluid, results in a clearer, cleaner, more even complexion with such glorious color you won’t need makeup!

You will find that your headaches and eyestrain vanish, along with your disappearing furrows, and creases. Sinus issues, allergies, TMJ pain, and even body pain; magically disappear. Facial massage will aid in stress reduction and relaxation, so you’ll look more happy, peaceful, and calm! The icing on the cake is the whole body, mind, and spirit, will glow with youthfulness and vitality.

If you’re interested in our other services we also offer acupuncture,  sleep apnea treatment, and massage.

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