Acupuncture Detoxification Santa Barbara

Detoxification cleanses your system, ridding your body of the toxins that naturally accumulate over time, and the ones we add in from foods, drugs, and alcohol. Detoxification is an important part of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, and improving your overall physical health. I am an expert in detoxification in many areas including weight loss, drug & alcohol addiction, non-toxic lifestyle, supplements, and herbs. You can count on me to design a safe and healthy Santa Barbara detoxification program for you, combining my vast knowledge of traditional Eastern, and cutting-edge Western strategies.

Acupuncture for Detox Weight Loss

Unlike Western detox programs, Traditional Chinese detoxification uses gentle methods to slowly restore your body to alignment rather than drastic purges that can wreak further havoc.
Stress blocks our energy flow and makes it easier for toxins to accumulate. Toxic and unhealthy foods, contribute to our toxic load, by adding toxins faster than the body can get rid of them. Ironically, when our body is filled with these toxins, it tends to crave more of them, leading to a self-replicating cycle that further saps your life energy, and creates a general sense of un-wellness.

Acupuncture unblocks stuck energy, and has a diuretic effect, which allows you to release toxins through your kidneys and urinary tract. As you shed the toxins and experience freely moving energy, you will naturally begin to crave what your body needs, rather than what stress and a toxin buildup have convinced it to crave.
Detoxification is the first step toward a healthier, slimmer you. Regular acupuncture treatments make it easy to stay on track. Acupuncture regulates metabolism and creates endorphins that can help prevent emotional eating. In times of stress, we return to old patterns. The endorphins released through acupuncture can short-circuit this response and make it easier to maintain the new habits you have developed.

Acupuncture points in the ear are used to reduce cravings and appetite, digestive system points help process food more efficiently, elimination system points help get toxins out, balancing points assist the body’s organs to function with ease, and energy points are increased to promote exercise to burning excess calories.

Santa Barbara Acupuncture Body Detox Liver Cleanse

Acupuncture accelerates detoxification and decreases the side effects of detox.  Rapid changes in diet or radical changes in your diet cause side effects that can be rectified by acupuncture. Supplements and cleanses, are often provoking, in that they are designed to move toxins out of the liver, colon, etc. If the organs of elimination are not functioning optimally, these toxins have nowhere to go and cause unwanted reactions such as headache, fatigue, muscle pain and tension, nausea, lightheadedness, rash or other skin disorders, gas and bloating, constipation or diarrhea, sleep disruption etc. Adding acupuncture into the mix can significantly decrease the likelihood of these symptoms appearing and can help mitigate those that are already present.
Chinese medicine was designed to bring the health of an individual back into equilibrium. In other words, acupuncture gives the body the necessary tools it needs to restore health. If the organs of elimination are open, acupuncture may encourage the liver to detoxify more. Acupuncture may cause you to have deeper and more restful sleep, which facilitates rapid healing. If you are currently experiencing many side effects, acupuncture can help to mitigate these and create stability in the system. Whether acupuncture acts restoratively or provokingly depends on what your body needs at that time. Chinese medicine works with your body to bring you to a better state of health.
Whether you are considering a cleanse, or a major diet, or lifestyle change, acupuncture is a highly recommended tool. It is challenging for your body to adapt to large changes, and acupuncture acts as a guiding light for your system as it balances out. Acupuncture treatments make the experience much easier, and tend to improve your health overall. It’s a great idea to continue acupuncture treatments after a cleanse or detox, in order to minimize the need to repeat it again!

Acupuncture for Alcohol Drug Detox

Detoxing from addictive substances is a process made difficult by cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These are commonly addressed by auricular acupuncture in a 5 point treatment strategy called the NADA Protocol. Developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association over 40 years ago, this acupuncture protocol for addiction has been used successfully to treat addiction in court-mandated drug rehabilitation programs across the country. Ear acupuncture is a relatively modern style which interfaces directly with the central nervous system.

Therefore I use the NADA protocol points to invoke the organs of detoxification, while also balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Scientific data has shown strong evidence for the effect of the NADA protocol in improving patient outcomes in terms of program retention, reductions in cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals.

In addition to the NADA protocol, I do body acupuncture based on my Chinese medical diagnosis. There is usually a pattern of deficiency that needs to be addressed as drugs and medications delete the body of vital substances and throw the organ systems off balance. Drugs and medications pass through the kidneys and liver, and many damage the stomach and other digestive organs. Part of the “acupuncture detox” treatment may involve support for these organs so that they are better able to handle the metabolism and excretion of medications.

If you’re looking for other services I also offer mobile acupuncture, facial massage, and Dermatology.

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