Acne Treatment in Santa Barbara – Infared Light & Microcurrent

acne2My effective acne treatment protocol addresses all the contributing factors to the development of acne, effectively reducing acute symptoms and reducing scarring.

Combined Microcurrent & Infared Light Therapy is proven, tried, and tested. It reduces the redness, pain, and inflammation associated with acne. It speeds up the healing of each individual pimple, reduces scarring, and promotes new tissue regeneration. It also pulls impurities out of the pores and bumps so new pimples don’t get a chance to form.

The infared light is anti-inflammatory, speeds the healing of pimples and cysts, reduces scarring, and increases the rate of production of collagen. Skin tone ends up much better than normal after this treatment, a pleasant side-effect. It also helps heal up red marks much faster than without the treatment.

It does not cause redness, trauma or inflammation to the skin. There is no perceivable heat generated, therefore when the infared light contacts the skin, the patient experiences no warmth or burning. For this reason, this light is referred to as “cold” and is actually the opposite of a chemical peel, photo facial, IPL pixel or microdermabrasion; it is anti-inflammatory, safe and painless. It penetrates the skin, driving healing energy into the tissues, which rejuvenates and regenerates your skin, and increases the rate of collagen production. Most people feel nothing whatsoever during the treatment, and it is absolutely painless. The main healing effect is usually noticed a few hours after each treatment and may continue for days. Also, this therapy is cumulative which means that each visit builds upon the one before.

Acne Treatment Step by Step

1) remove makeup/product from your skin, lie down and relax
2) 60 minutes of having a wand gently glide over your acne
3) go back to your routine without any tell-tale signs of redness
4) In the next 2-3 days the skin heals all by itself; just drink more water
5) Bumps, itching and pain are reduced, acne sores heal quicker

Microcurrent is a painless treatment using frequencies of barely-detectable current to heal skin and decrease inflammation in any tissue. When it comes to the skin, microcurrent treatment has an excellent track record of decreasing the presence of acne on the face, chest and back.

The latest state-of-the-art Infared Light Therapy stimulates cells in the body to help them metabolize faster to:

– Heal acne lesions
– Reduce inflammation
– Kill bacteria

The bacteria that causes acne is destroyed, but the healthy skin cells are untouched. This stimulates the body’s cells and speeds the healing process reaching the deeper layers of skin without harming the skin’s surface.
Clinical experience confirms that that these two forms of energy stimulation significantly enhance each other’s effects when administered together.

Microcurrent & Light Therapy Acne Treatment:

Pain Free
No Itchy Red Dry Irritated Scaly Tough Skin
Benzoyl Peroxide Free
Glycolic Acid Free
Chemical Free
Allergy Free
No Side-Effects
Needle Free

acne-treatment2There is much reason to worry when it comes to the effects of harsh chemicals in chemical acne medications, which can most likely do more damage than good in treating acne*. The side effects of anti-acne products might also clog and stress the liver, which will cause toxin build-up, worsening your acne problem. Do not forget that the make-up of the skin makes it porous, so that it can easily take in the chemical additives of the acne treatments you use. Therefore, applying treatments that have potentially dangerous chemical additives, which enter deep into the skin and into the bloodstream, poses a great risk to your skin and overall good health.

Most chemical acne medications treat acne from the surface, and not from its foundation, so it keeps on forming new pimples.
There is more to ridding yourself from acne than unblocking pores and killing bacteria. The causes of acne go deeper than the surface of the skin.

Acne Causes

Acne can have multiple causes and multiple triggers. Hormone imbalances, B/C**, allergies, reaction to SPF (sunblock), stress, smoking, drugs, nutritional deficiencies, poor dietary habits, clogging make-up or powder, IPL/pixel/laser treatments, micro-dermabrasion, and over washing/exfoliation of the skin can all play a role in acne. The skin is the largest organ in the body and has a role in detoxifying the body. If the body contains more toxins than the liver and kidneys can effectively eliminate, the skin takes over eliminating. As toxins escape through the skin, the skin’s healthy integrity is disrupted.

Main Causes of Acne:

1) Hormonal fluctuation/imbalance releases excess skin oil, B/C**
2) Toxin build-up
3) Heat and Damp buildup (Deep fried, greasy, spicy, alcohol)

Acne Herbs

To manage these issues post-treatment, there are inexpensive and effective choices such as herbal pills and herbal teas to balance hormones and reduce toxins in the long run to prevent future breakouts. Herbal pills greatly eliminate the root cause of your acne.
For hundreds of years, people have solely depended upon the healing properties of plants, herbs and fruits to obtain relief from acne. During the age when there were no convenient drugstores, people searched the forests hunting for herbs and plant leaves, tree bark, fruits and roots, which were used to make skin cleansing products. Both for oral and topical use, herbal cures have proven their safe and successful healing ability in relieving skin problems such as acne.

Since the determinants that lead to acne flare-ups extend to internal and environmental factors, the most successful way to eliminate acne is to work from the inside out. Diet is important to aid the body in naturally ridding and stopping the accumulation of toxins. Internal body cleansing and continued regular and efficient bodily functions can be assisted greatly with specific detox herbal formulas in the form of pills or teas. Many herbal pills are antiseptic and antibacterial, helping you eliminate your acne problems forever, (they are chemical-free and side effect-free too). Ask which ones are suitable for your constitution.

Long Term Acne Treatment

Acne treatment for severe acne that does not respond quickly to initial treatment, typically involves two treatments a week for six weeks. The time frame is similar to the time frame experienced by patients being treated with Accutane, an oral medication often prescribed for severe acne. However, the side effects involved are non-existent with this natural treatment. AND it does not RUIN the rest of your skin like Accutane does.

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