Santa Barbara Acupuncture Specialist Patricia Pilot L.Ac

Patricia Pilot is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist with advanced training in Longevity, Anti Aging, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Acne, Dermatology, Women’s Issues, Weight Loss, Pain, Scar Therapy and Microcurrent in Santa Barbara.

Patricia graduated with Highest Honors and holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the prestigious Yo San University. Patricia studied under the well-known Taoist masters Daoshing and Maoshing Ni. During her studies with the Ni brothers, she was the recipient of many of the Ni family traditions handed down in an unbroken line of 38 generations of Chinese physicians.

Patricia completed her Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture training and Facial Acupuncture training with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield L.Ac of New York City. Miss Wakefield is the AAAOM* Educator of the year. She travels all over the world for her seminar series sharing her vast knowledge of facial rejuvenation acupuncture for acupuncture face lift. Patricia’s facelift acupuncture is gentle and effective in giving you a more youthful look.

Patricia also has completed all the advanced training in Needle-Free face lift using a specialized MicroCurrent device that lifts and tones via subsensory current giving a MicroCurrent face lift.

Patricia completed her first acupuncture class 17 years ago with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, and went on to complete 4 years of full time study (4000+ hrs) in Chinese Medicine. Prior to that, Patricia completed her Bachelors Degree in Business,  a degree in Body/Mind Transformational Psychology, certificates in Polarity Energy Medicine, Reiki, Yoga etc.

Patricia’s mission is to provide you with healthy choices to alleviate pain, aging, surgery, pharmaceuticals, and stress.

*(American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)

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I am a Board Certified and California Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist. I specialize in gentle needling. Other practitioners actually send ME their needle-phobic patients. How did this all begin? Well; during my five years of acupuncture school, and many exams, my guinea pig was my mom. My mom is petrified of needles. She is so scared of needles, I would observe her getting treatments from Acupuncture Doctors whereby she would jump before the needle grazed the skin. I had to learn to get the needle in without her knowing, and with zero pain. Whew; did that ever accelerate my learning curve. Another secret… Before acupuncture school MY biggest phobia was needles; I had to overcome that to be able to survive 4+ years of school and a year of clinic! So I understand your anxiety about being needled.

Acupuncture is Comfortable
I’ve been told I’m super attentive, as I want YOU to be as comfortable as possible during your treatments. You may have had acupuncture from other practitioners who did not take your comfort into consideration, but I guarantee I will. I know you can achieve your health goals and well-being without it being a painful process. I always err on the side of caution! I use thin needles, because there is no need for chisels; we are working with energy channels not a diamond mine! I check in at every point to make sure you, and the needles are comfortable, until you are either asleep, or in la-la land. I don’t leave you alone in the room ever, and I am constantly monitoring the air temperature and your comfort level. I even sourced the thinnest blankets known to man, so that you will feel warm and comfortable without needles being touched (irritated) by blankets. In other words, I treat MY clients like Royalty!

Acupuncture and More

From start to finish, it’s all about you and your healing process. I have found that my patients achieve their goals quickly, because they are allowed to experience their treatment process without distractions. I don’t roam from room to room, treat multiple patients at the same time, answer calls, text clients, or do paperwork. Instead, while the needles are in, I give you my un-divided attention. Complimentary massage, acupressure, cranial-sacral therapy, cupping, microcurrent, tens-pads and other results-oriented alternative therapies are weaved into my treatments. I share cutting-edge nutritional, herbal, lifestyle, longevity, beauty, vitality, and emotional management recommendations. I am your ‘go to’ health practitioner and life coach!

Acupuncture Lifestyle Knowledge

In my free time I absorb as much cutting edge information as I can get my hands on; actually YOU benefit greatly from me listening to podcasts, and live summits, and attending conferences, expos, shows and workshops many weekends a month. I’d read books, but with this moving target called perfect health, by the time a book gets published, new science has taken over and made the book obsolete. I truly don’t know anyone is more curious about living to 130, vitally AND in perfect health, than me. I will share all that knowledge with YOU.

Natural Acupuncture Living

I believe in the gods of nature, in that, old-fashioned basic foods, the way our great-grandparents ate and drank them, are the keys to perfect health. That and a lot of natural detoxification, since the world we now live in is not our great-grandparent’s world. Even detox methods are best old fashioned: bouncing, saunas, detoxifying foods, and herbs. Exercise is best old fashioned like beach walks, swimming and hiking. The stress relief is old fashioned; walking barefoot, deep breathing, laughing, being in nature, watch your thoughts, feel your feelings, and connect with other 2-legged and 4-legged creatures. And my beauty treatments include ONLY those that do no harm. There will be no “robbing Peter to pay Paul” in my office. And there are a lot of effective natural treatments to choose from; don’t let those medi-spas tell you different. And if you want to blend the new (botox and fillers) with the old (microcurrent and acupuncture) you’ve come to the right place. They complement each other immensely!

Ps – When I was a little girl I was transfixed with Bewitched. I loved the idea of wiggling my nose and being able to fix anything. I also had an insatiable appetite for Nancy Drew books; so I was a detective way back. Those skills; being obsessed with solving a mystery, and fixing it, are what make me great at my job of helping YOU solve your health and longevity mysteries!

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