What is Scar Reduction Therapy and who is a candidate?

Needles are used to break down the scar tissue, which reduce it in size and thickness for a smoother more natural appearance. Also, the energy and blood flow through the scarred areas is re-established. Women with Hysterectomy scars benefit greatly. Anyone who has had body piercing scars, surgery scars, scars from trauma, especially keloid scars, benefit greatly from scar therapy. Facial scars are especially important to reduced in size. Redness, unevenness, sensitivity, numbness, tingling are all indications that the scar should be worked on. I have successfully stopped lower abdominal pain lasting 35 years of from my work on Hysterectomy scars.


Blue Shield, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Assurant, United Ag – Insurance plans accepted along with others. Please call or text (805) 636-6522 to verify coverage.