Does Acupuncture affect your spirituality?

Acupuncture works on an energetic level effecting the balance of your body. It allows for stuck emotions to be released. There are many Taoist spiritual acupuncture points that deal with  a bevy of spiritual issues. Anything from getting you back on your life path to what is buried in your subconscious mind.

There is no doubt that physical changes happen during an acupuncture session, and I look for changes in the pulse and tongue to get a read on how a patient is doing. There is no doubt that energy is liberated in the acupuncture treatment. And, I want my patients to see the spirit-level component, on the first visit I always ask people what they want to change. Through our course of treatment together, I refer back to that regularly to see what kind of progress we’re making. I simply ask the questions, “Are we going in a direction that feels useful? Are we making progress?” Its actually very apparent to me when spiritual changes are present in my patients. Its like when you look at a friend and you see that the light in her eyes is dim, you know that something has happened for her on the spirit level. Spirit is the light in the lantern.. When we see that spirit (or shen) come back and re-enter the eyes, it is brilliant, and evident to all.