Fake Pearl Powder Floods China Markets

Fake pearl powder floods China markets

9/21/2010, 2:21:46 AM by IANS


Beijing, Sep 21 (IANS) Beauty products touted as having been made of powdered pearls, but actually made from shells, are now flooding markets in China, a media report said.
A report by China Central Television (CCTV) said Tuesday that pearl powder products being sold in the market are made from shells and sold at much higher prices.

Pearl powder makers in Zhejiang province buy freshwater shells to make fake powder, it said.

These products are popular in China among young women because they believe the powder improves the complexion, the Global Times reported.

The shells are cleaned with strong corrosive chemicals harmful to humans.

The CCTV report named many famous local companies which sell fake pearl powder, even though they are aware that the powder is harmful.

Fake pearl powder is also sold on websites in China.


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