Post Plastic Surgery Healing & Scar Reduction Acupuncture

Plastic Surgeons use sub-sensory current (microcurrent) for scar reduction treatment after cosmetic surgery to accelerate healing. Microcurrent is highly recommended as a post operative cosmetic surgery treatment. Clients see their results sooner than those who that do not use microcurrent.

Plastic Surgery Healing Acupuncture Benefits

Aesthetic Results More Pleasing
Facial Symmetry (Scars heal even on both sides)
Eliminate Future Surgeries to Repair Uneven Results
Less Scar Tissue Created
Less Scar Tissue is Less Interference with Facial Expressions
Less Inflammation
Less Numbness
Less Tingling
Less Pain

The finishing touches for reducing scar tissue and rapid healing of incisions are provided by my unique combination of acupuncture and microcurrent stimulation expertise. This knowledge comes after much experience with various different current machines, as well as extensive investigation and advanced training in microcurrent utilization.

Plastic Surgery Recovery

My clients tell me they have healed quicker, and they were back to pre-surgery form in no time.

The reason many choose acupuncture and microcurrent immediately after surgery is to heal their surgery scars quicker. The longer your incisions take to heal, the more scar tissue is created at the incision sites. The quicker you heal your incision sites, the LESS scar tissue is formed and the LESS likely you are to have uneven scar tissue on one side of the face. Other unexpected causes of slower healing and thus more scar tissue are:

– sleeping without head elevated
– sleeping on one side of your face
– alcohol
– smoking

Microcurrent facial lift treatments extend the life of a surgical face-lift by toning the facial muscles and bringing circulation to the skin to help maintain the skin elasticity; potentially avoiding another surgery in the future.

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