Acupuncture For Anti Aging Skin Care

You may have already wondered what to do about the challenges that passing time can etch on our faces. There are so many choices; it is overwhelming.

What’s important to me is to retain the real ‘you’ while making her more youthful. The youthful ‘you’ that has been tossed around by mother-nature and father-time.

I only offer safe, cost-effective, non-invasive, non-toxic, and chemical-free, side-effect free ways to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, lift and tone facial muscles, and erase the signs of age.

There is no ‘recovery time’ with my treatments. Book a lunch-time treatment!

Why do we age?

Most of the patients come to diminish the signs of aging. Here are the specific reasons why our skin wrinkles and loses its tone and glow over time:

1) skin loses its youth-producing elements: fat, collagen and elastin.
2) glands that once rejuvenated skin cells, blood flow, and moisture, start to slow down.
3) skin cells divide slower, thinning the dermal layer. Collagen decreases 1% every year.
4) the plump fat layers beneath the dermis begin to atrophy.
5) gravity, the sun, chemicals, stress, genetics

After a few pampering results-oriented treatments the results appear. It won’t be long before friends start telling you that you ‘look great’ and ask you what your secret is. They are Trained to notice the tell tale signs of frozen forehead and fillers; so this reversing of your age will be baffling to them! No-one will know why you look so fabulous, but you! There is no judgment about the other medical cosmetic procedures; but lets youthify the whole enchilada!!

Santa Barbara Acupuncture Anti-Aging Services

•    Acupuncture Treatment
•    Cosmetic Acupuncture – Face Lift Acupuncture (60 min) (90 min)
•    Microcurrent Facial Lift – Anti Aging (60 min) (90 min)
•    Mens Anti Aging Facial – (30 min) (60 min)
•    Facial Suction Treatment – Anti Aging (60 min)
•    Cellulite Suction Treatment – Anti Aging (60 min)
•    Microcurrent for Cellulite (Abdomen/Thighs etc) (60 min)
•    Scar Removal (Acupuncture / Microcurrent / Suction) (60 min)
•    Cellulite Combo – (Suction / Gua Sha / Microcurrent) (60 min)

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Patricia Pilot, Licensed Acupuncturist, is fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Patricia is a certified Cosmetic Acupuncture Specialist with advanced training in Women’s Health, Weight Loss, Acne, and Longevity.

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